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Step Into the WORLD of M.D. Dayanand Model School Nakodar (Jalandhar)
Formal Education must encompass three primary goals – to educate youth to become responsible citizens, to develop individuals as to ensure the nation’s economic success, and to develop individual talent and intelligence. M.D. Dayanand, Nakodar has created an atmosphere that is not only complementary to the achievement of these goals, but also dynamic enough to satisfy the burgeoning demands of today’s generation for adopting the best methods of Learning.
The school is deeply committed to maintaining a cheerful, safe and secure environment, so that each CHILD truly begins to think the school is his ‘second home’. Every child s given an opportunity to excel , and carrying this philosophy forward, we offer a MYRIAD of AVENUES to each child to develop, discover and nurture his/her talents.
School’s prime goal is the all-round Personality development of the students. The primary thrust of the School is to undertake pioneering scholarly activities for Students, to expand their horizons, by providing much needed quality education to the young citizens of Nakodar.
Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmarks of M.D. DMS’s Philosophy, educational leadership and Scholarly achievement its MISSION.
For the holistic development of the harmonious Personality of each student, we promote a culture of excellence in our school by providing challenging and stimulating Learning experiences and opportunities. Students here  learn to think deeply and logically.
They are motivated to be creative, Innovative, resourceful and to reach their full potential.
Literary, numeracy and knowledge of key disciplines remain the cornerstone of schooling, personal values and attributes such as honesty, resilience, respect for others, equality and justice are nurtured and instilled.
Global Integration and International mobility have enhanced the need to nurture an appreciation and respect for social, cultural, and religious diversity and a sense of Global Citizenship. We aim at an AESTHETIC development of young students, who will become RESPONSIBLE GLOBAL CITIZENS tomorrow.
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M.D. Dayanand Model Sr.Sec. School
Nakodar, Shankar Road  Punjab - 144040
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