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                                                                           GUIDELINES FOR PARENTS (2021-22)
Dear Parents,
Rightly has been said “The purpose of education should not to be to fill you with knowledge, but education should make you hungry for knowledge.” “The ultimate purpose of education is to learn how to find and see the beauty of creation so that you may feel the joy of life.” “The purpose of education is to open the windows of the mind.”
Let’s pray to Almighty to shower his choicest blessings on us to realize our aim when we step into the new session 2020-21 with a vision to accomplish new milestones thereby upholding our ideals and values aloft.

 Students must bring books according to the specified time table .They must see that all books are neatly covered and labeled.
 Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises at unusual times. In case of emergency /sickness an application should be made to the principal seeking permission.
 Students must not run around inside the school building .They must observe silence while walking through the corridors or while going up & down the staircase.
 Students/Parents should avoid offering gifts or presents to any of the staff at any time.
 All students must wear only prescribed uniform on all weekdays without making any alterations. It should always be clean.  Colored dress is allowed only on birthday for Std. I to IV & on other occasions as & when announced by the school and can only distribute toffees only no cakes etc.
 Tattoos ,bangles ,goggles, fancy pins, mehendi, long nails, nail polish and Jewellery, etc. are strictly not allowed to be worn in the school. However girls may wear small earrings.
 Parents may kindly ensure that the child completes his/her home assignments on time by her/him self..
 Private tuition to students by the school staff is strictly prohibited.
 Parents are expected to attend scheduled Parent-Teacher meeting held from time to time to discuss the progress of the child.
 To carry Identity Card daily.
 Not to miss any examination for any reason. No re-examination will be allowed.  To stick to the moral tone of the school or else he/she is liable for strict action.  Attendance, adding up to 75% of the total number of working days is compulsory for all students.
1) Note Book Covering: The students will cover the note book as per the following color scheme
a) English--- Red b) Maths-- Orange c) S.St-- Blue (Dark) d) Science----- Green (Dark)
e) Punjabi---- Yellow f) Hindi---- Pink (Dark) g) Add. Subject----- Purple (Dark)
2) SCHOOL DUES  Fees: The parents are requested to deposit first quarter fee i.e of April- Developmental charges plus tuition fee upto 20 April 2021. The name will be entered in the attendance register only after receipt of Developmental Charges.  Defaulters Fees will be collected with fine upto two months. After that three notices (reminders) will be issued to the parents to deposit the fees of their ward. First reminder giving 10 days, second reminder giving 7 days’ period, last reminder again giving 7 days. Even then the fees if not paid the name of the child will be struck off without any intimation. If the parents fail to clear the pending dues at the end of the session, then student’s result will not be declared, and the student will not be allowed to sit in the promoted class and the name will be struck off from the record. If they want to continue studies of their ward, new admission will do it., re-admission will be entirely at the discretion of the Principal if the seat is available, If the parents are having any financial problem, they can write to the principal for extending the time period. Students will be permitted to appear for the examination only if the dues have been cleared and a "No Dues" certificate has been obtained prior to the commencement of the final examination. 3) LATE FEE: If the parents deposit fee later than the scheduled dates they will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5/- per day till the day of payment. and for more information read school fee card.
4) ONLINE FEE: Parents can deposit their wards fees only through the link www.dmsnakodar.org . No charges are deducted if the payment is made through HDFC bank Account 5) WITHDRAWAL
For withdrawing the names from the school rolls, Parents must apply 30 days in advance (before 30th of the month) otherwise Tuition Fee of one Quarter is to be paid to get SLC (School Leaving Certificate).
Parents can purchase the school uniform from anywhere. But the colour, shade pattern should be identical to uniform Samples as displayed in the school office.
Parents can purchase the books from the open market the list is given along with the report card and is available on the school website.
Parents are requested to meet the teachers to discuss the progress of their ward on every second Saturday of the month after the school gets overr or on scheduled PTM or with prior appointment.
Parents are considered to be the first teacher of their ward. So we seek parent’s Co-operation in value orientation to-
- Inculcate the habit of regularity, Punctuality and cleanliness in their wards.
- Encourage the students to follow all the norms and attend the classes by being clad in proper uniform. The same rule regarding uniform is applicable to Birthdays as well as PTM days.
- Enroot a deep sense of reverence (respect) towards Parents, Teachers and School Staff.
- Pay due attention to maintain the cleanliness of the school and Surroundings.
- Take proper care of school Furniture and other school property.
- Inseminate the habit of “Spoken English”
- Bring healthy and nutrient sumptuous meal to school and avoid carrying junk food.
- Let the child follow the lifestyle of simple living and high thinking thereby not allowing the child to wear ornament or apply mehandi.
- Have the persona of decency and courtesy thereby avoid the use of foul language or showing ill mannered behavior.
- Never allow the child to bring Mobile Phones to the school Campus if caught strict action will be initiated..
School takes pride in owing a fleet of Buses which ply over all routes of the city, thus making it convenient for all parents to send their wards to school safe and sound. Only students of classes VI-X (if willing) may bring Bicycles. Two Wheelers (Not Motorbikes) are allowed for only those Students of XI-XII, who have”Learners License”. Helmet Wearing is must for two-wheeler driving Students (XI-XII). To start or to discontinue the use of bus service, one month's notice will have to be given before the quarter starts otherwise whole quarters fees will be charged.

Looking forward to your kind co-operation.

Baljinder Singh Pama

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